Sideways Design
HTML emails

Message integrity

More than just an annoyance, it's one of the largest
response concerns with an HTML email campaign

With all efforts made to ensure that your HTML email does, in fact, arrive at its destination, a client opens it and is presented with a ghostly clump of "missing image" icons and no coherent message or offer to interest them.

Small wonder hitting the delete button is a favourite option.

Up to half of the recipients on any mailing list have images blocked for HTML emails. Some click a "view-in-browser" link, some add you to their safe list, but many won't or simply don't know how to change their settings.

This is especially critical with new signups: if reflexively flagged as spam, your new signup is gone forever, with your emailing reputation weakened at the same time.

Your brand and message can be instantly identifiable, with or without images.

We take many other steps to ensure as much as possible about your message comes through under any condition:

  • font, colour & size styling for missing image alt tags
  • maximal use of non-image text
  • fixed-size table cells to maintain layout shape
  • background colours for image and layout areas
  • imageless graphic elements
  • full text-only alternates